Korean Spinning Instructor Is So Hot, Students Sign Up For The “Crazy” Class Just To See Him

We’d do the same.

A new Korean oppa is going viral!

Meet Gaon, a spin instructor whose energy and charm are gaining him thousands of followers each day. He gives students a unique workout which mixes K-Pop choreographies with intense indoor cycling.

One of his Instagram videos is currently making the rounds online with almost 70,000 likes.

Posted on January 4, it showcases Gaon dancing to StayC‘s “Beautiful Monster” while on the stationary bike. He managed to look coy in one second…

…playful the next…

…and adorably bubbly at the end!

The comments section was filled with people praising him, saying that his “energy is contagious,” that he’s “the epitome of focus and passion,” and that he must be “100% satisfied” with his job.

Many others proclaimed their interest in signing up for the spin class despite its “crazy” level of difficulty just so they could be taught by him.

  • I want to go even just to look at him.
  • Wow, I’d definitely go if I had him as my teacher.
  • Let’s do this together.
  • I want to try it.

Though Gaon is a certified cutie with his eye smile, there’s no denying that he’s also hot from head to toe. His earliest Instagram post was his company profile photoshoot where he wore a zip-up cargo suit. It was a form-fitting outfit that showed off his muscular physique, with his broad shoulders stealing the show.

Another post gave a sneak peek at his chest, teasing fans with his effortless good looks.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that several people already signed up just for him! Many reviews on Korean portal Naver mentioned that they “wanted to join because he’s famous on social media” and that they were amazed to see that he’s “really passionate and very detailed” in person.

Gaon works in a studio called LEVEL UP located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, as an instructor. Those who are interested in attending his class would be happy to know that booking a session with him is possible!

Source: Instagram and Naver