Korean Streamer Insults And Trolls I.O.I Members At Sohye’s Cafe

A Korean streamer is under fire for insulting I.O.I members at Sohye’s cafe.

The incident dates back to this April when a woman showed up to Sohye’s cafe and played TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and danced to the song.

This woman was streaming her dance live on Afreeca TV, a platform where users can live stream user created contents online.

This streamer was using a nickname ButterOksusu(Buttercorn), and her live stream attracted 3,300 people.

Netizens watching the broadcast were actually laughing and sending hearts to the streamer’s dance.

The issue came to be known to the public when netizens who were at the cafe revealed what this woman did at the cafe.

One of the netizens revealed that this woman asked TWICE’s songs to be played in the cafe when she ordered her drink and she actually danced to more TWICE songs like “TT”, “Cheer Up” and “Like OOH-AHH”.

“That woman said I.O.I is uglier than TWICE and called Sohye dummy. When the workers asked her to stop, she said she will stop but continuedshe was doing. When she was leaving, she said ‘hurray TWICE’.

— A Netizen

All the contents of ButterOksusu are now unavailable.

Many netizens are furious for this streamer’s rude actions and comment towards I.O.I and Sohye.

Source: Dispatch