Korean Woman Asks The Internet If Her Niece Deserves An iPad… And The Answer Is A “Heck No”

How would you react?

Here’s how the dilemma begins: An anonymous Korean woman, who introduced herself as an average female in her mid-20s, shared a string of her KakaoTalk messages from her young niece — graduating elementary school and moving on to middle school.

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She commented, “My brother got married to a woman who had a kid from her previous marriage. So the niece isn’t really my niece, so to speak.”

I’m an average woman in my 20s. I have three older brothers. The oldest brother has two kids, the second oldest has one. These three kids are my nephews and nieces. And then there is the youngest brother. He got married to a woman with a kid from her previous marriage. I don’t think they want any more kids. Anyway, I don’t particularly feel too attached to this kid because honestly, we’re not related at all and she is not my brother’s child after all. With that said, this niece sent me a bunch of KakaoTalk messages. I believe this is the first time she reached out to me too…

— Anonymous Woman

Then she revealed the niece’s messages, asking her for an iPad as a graduation gift. In the screenshots of the messages, the niece first brings up her elementary school graduation, hinting that she wants something in celebration:

Niece: Okay, but auntie.
Woman: What’s up?
Niece: Remember when you said you want to buy me a present for going to middle school?
Woman: Do you need something? Did you end up buying that one bag?
Niece: Oh yes, my dad bought that for me!
Niece: But can you buy me an iPad please?
Niece: My friends all have their own.

When the niece mentions an iPad, the woman politely turns the idea down and explains that the device is pricey and out of the budget she has set aside for a gift.

Niece: I think it’s going to help me with studying.
Woman: An iPad…?
Niece: Yes! As a gift for me graduating AND starting middle school, please?
Woman: Hm. You’ll have to talk to your dad about that. I was considering getting you something, but an iPad is kind of out of the budge I was thinking.
Niece: Oh T-T
Niece: But actually, my dad told me not to ask you for it…

But the niece doesn’t give up so easily…

Niece: But actually, my dad told me not to ask you for it…
Niece: You bought one for (Oldest Niece’s Name), so…
Niece: I thought you’d get me one too.
Woman: But she’s going on to high school. And I didn’t get her anything for her birthday, so I combined all of that. I guess that made you jealous?
Niece: Kind of. Could you please buy me one too?
Niece: I’m the only one who doesn’t have one. My friends all have it.
Niece: T-T
Woman: But you guys are middle school kids… Your friends all have iPads?
Niece: Yes, I’m serious.
Woman: You’ll have to talk to your dad. I don’t think I can buy that for you, I’m sorry.

… and starts bringing up the previous Apple gifts that the woman has bought for her other nephews and nieces. The niece then asks the woman to “not discriminate” among the relatives.

Woman: Sorry, kiddo.
Niece: But how come?
Niece: You got (Oldest Niece) an iPad.
Woman: It’s out of my budget, like I said.
Niece: And you bought (Second Oldest Niece) an iPhone.
Woman: I bought you an iPhone too, remember?
Niece: But that was a long time ago…
Woman: I have to work now, but we can talk about this later. Okay?
Niece: Please don’t discriminate…!

When the woman drops the conversation by saying she has to go work, the niece immediately realizes her mission has failed — then tries to bury the conversation so she won’t get in trouble with her parents.

Niece: Please don’t discriminate…!
Niece: … I’m so disappointed.
Niece: Please don’t tell my mom and dad about this T-T
Niece: All my friends have their own iPads… so I thought I would try asking you.
Niece: I really like you though, auntie!

Conflicted over what she should do, the woman asked the internet for honest opinions. Upon reading the messages, most netizens became completely baffled by the niece’s audacity and declared the answer is, “No. She does not deserve an iPad.”

On the other hand, some believe it is only a middle school aged girl’s clueless childish behavior and does not “deserve” to be criticized so harshly.

What do you think? Should this woman give her niece an iPad?

Source: THEQOO