Korean Woman Arrested For Murder After Throwing A Newborn Baby Out Of A Window

She explained why she committed the crime.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

South Korea has been battling a rise in the deaths of newborn babies, causing citizens to become outraged by the loss of so many lives. The National Assembly stepped in by passing a bill that allowed the death penalty for the “killing of newborn babies and related cases of body abandonment.” However, harsher sentences haven’t stopped the deaths.

A police car at the scene of the crime.

An ambulance was called to an alley in Bucheon (in Gyeonggi Province), where a newborn baby was found dead.

Yonhap News reported that someone who lived in the neighborhood found the baby’s body “wrapped in bed sheets inside a paper bag.” The person immediately called the police.

The alley where the baby was found dead.

The Bucheon police quickly launched an investigation. They discovered that a woman in her forties was the main suspect in the baby’s death. After giving birth to a newborn daughter, police accused her of throwing the baby out of the second-floor window of a motel.

The motel windows where the baby was thrown from.

Because there was a chance that she’d flee, the police found the suspect while she was still in the neighborhood and detained her. She appeared in court shortly afterward to explain why she committed the crime.

The neighborhood where the woman was found.

The woman refused to speak to reporters but recounted the events that led to the baby’s death in the courtroom. After hearing the baby cry, the suspect threw her out of the window in the hopes that someone else would take care of her. The woman also didn’t know the identity of the baby’s father because they’d met at a bar and were drinking.

When the child cried, I got scared and tore off the screen and threw her out the window. I thought if someone found my baby they would raise her well.

— Suspect

The woman being questioned by reporters.

The police have arrested the woman on suspicion of murder and are seeking an autopsy to discover the baby’s exact cause of death.

Source: Yonhap News and YouTube