Koreans Are Absolutely Stunned By Jihyo’s Visuals

“Jihyo is an angel.”

After seeing Jihyo and her new look for TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away”, Korean netizens are stunned.


That’s because Jihyo looks absolutely like a goddess (or should we say “god”).


Her mesmerizing ashy-purple hair could not look better on anyone else.


Moreover, fans have labeled GIFs from the “Dance the Night Away” music video “legendary”.


The combination of her white dress with her stunning visuals and energetic dance moves indeed deserves the label.


Fans have been falling in love with Jihyo for simply how gorgeous she is!

  • “Wow, she’s pretty.”
  • “She always makes legendary clips.”
  • “I love her dancing with that dress!”
  • “I stopped at this moment for awhile when watching the music video to admire Jihyo…”
  • “It’s really a legendary moment.”
  • “She’s seriously too pretty…”
  • “Jihyo is an angel.”
  • “Park Jihyo is not human.”
  • “I’m getting goosebumps she’s so pretty.”
  • “I was shocked she was so beautiful.”


They’ve also been raving about how she continues to get more and more beautiful.

  • “Every time I’m like she can’t possibly get any more beautiful and she always comes out again more beautiful! She’s sooo gorgeous.”
  • “She continues to get more and more beautiful!”
  • “She’s gotten more mature and prettier…gorgeous!”
  • “She’s seriously a member who consistently gets more beautiful with each comeback. She’s so beautiful these days. She keeps getting more and more gorgeous.”


Could she possibly get any more beautiful?


Check out the full music video below.

Source: Instiz