Koreans Were Asked Their Opinions On Why BTS Is Popular Worldwide, And You Will Agree Or Disagree With Their Honest Answers

Someone said BTS has relatable music, while another one wondered why BTS is popular worldwide.

YouTube channel DKDKTV went to the streets of Korea to ask the public their opinions about the worldwide popularity of BTS.

A young woman answered the question directly and attributed BTS’s talents, skills and amazing visuals to the group’s popularity.

She also noted that the group is extremely talented.

This answer makes sense, considering that BTS’s Jimin himself says that he thinks the group has achieved what they’ve already achieved because they did the best they could at every given moment — their talents improved because they’ve worked hard.

This young man mentioned that BTS is extremely popular because they’re close to their fans, being connected to them via vlogging their daily lives.

He added that part of BTS’s popularity is their ability to create songs with relatable lyrics.

He’s correct: Suga, known for composing some of the group’s songs, also thinks that BTS is successful because they can give comfort to their fans through music and relatable song lyrics.

On the other hand, this young woman said that she’s also wondering why the group is popular.

At first, she thought that BTS is well-known because they’re fluent in English, so she was shocked to find out that only one member, RM, speaks English fluently.

She mentioned that since other idols have their own strengths, too, she’s not entirely sure why BTS is popular.

She ended her answer by stating that even though someone is not a BTS fan, she feels like most people know the names of the group’s members as a testament to their popularity.

Another woman answered by stating that BTS is extremely famous for their choreography that is so in sync.

And these two women believe that their songs are addictive.

On a final note, this young man believes that all idols are talented and cool, but BTS’s choreography and performance is simply unmatched.

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