Koreans Claim Girls’ Generation’s Success Was Because Of These 2 Key Members

Many people believe that Girls’ Generation wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t for them!

With countless hit songs and millions of albums sold, Girls’ Generation could possibly be considered one of the most successful girl groups of our time.


However, many Koreans believe that Girls’ Generation would not be who they are today without members Yoona and Taeyeon!

  • “One of the best things that SM did is they debuted Taeyeon and Yoona kkkk”
  • “They are both so pretty”
  • “If you can’t be successful with Taeyeon and Yoona in your group, then it’s a problem with the company kkk”


Netizens believe that Yoona was the “face,” or visuals of the group. Due to her natural beauty and stunning figure, she was able to successfully cross over to dramas and movies, which gave Girls’ Generation an extra push of fame.

  • “Didn’t the ‘center’ of a group become a thing because of Yoona? Even now, if I watch a Girls’ Generation performance and Yoona isn’t the center, it’s really awkward kkkk” 
  • “They got popular because in the beginning, they put Yoona in the center and promoted her like crazy kkk”
  • “Even Yoona’s fingers are glamorous. Her fingers are so long and thin, they are beautiful~~”


Taeyeon, according to netizens, was the “voice” of the group. Due to her powerful vocals, Taeyeon was able to participate in various drama OSTs, and release numerous solo albums. This helped support the claim that Girls’ Generation is a group with both beauty and talent.

  • “Taeyeon sings well, dances well, and is beautiful. She’s perfect.”
  • “Taeyeon probably sings the best out of all the idols. Girls’ Generation is amazing.”
  • “Even though she could have gone solo, Taeyeon always chose what was best for the group.”


On the flip side, many netizens feel that Girls’ Generation achieved fame through the hard work of all of the members, not just 2.

  • “Girls’ Generation is truly unique. They are the top singers, top visuals, and top dancers. Each member also has a unique character on variety shows.”
  • “All of the members are amazing.”
  • “I like how there’s a member we can be proud of in every field of the industry kk”


No matter where you stand on the matter, you can’t deny that Girls’ Generation had a major impact on K-Pop.

Source: Pann

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