Koreans furious at “Rotta” for using objects that looks like a sex toy in Sulli’s latest photoshoot

Renowned Korean photographer “Rotta” is currently under fire for the usage of objects that bare resemblance to a Japanese sex toy called “Tenga” which is used by men all over the world for masturbation purposes. The aforementioned photographer had formerly been a topic of much controversy for his lolita concept photoshoots and Sulli also received much hate for her collaboration with Rotta

Fans initially discovered that Sulli was working with Rotta again after Sulli uploaded the following video to her Instagram

Initially, fans thought it was a cute video until they realized the setup looked familiar. One eagle eyed Korean netizen noted that the punching bag as well as the furniture looked identical to that of photographer Rotta’s studio

Image: Instiz

Fans were upset by the fact that Sulli chose to work with the controversial photographer again and one netizen brought up that the punching bag Sulli is playing with in the video bares a close resemblance to that of a “Tenga”, a Japanese masturbation aid that is publicly renowned all over Asia for its shape and distinct pattern.

Image: Google Images

Fans suspect that the punching bag is going to be a prop used in Sulli’s latest photoshoot with Rotta and while some argue that this maybe pure coincidence, most fans argue that, judging by the sexually suggestive nature of Rotta’s previous photoshoots, this is no mere coincidence. Fans’ anger towards the photographer is heightened currently by the fact that since a punching bag is such a seemingly innocent prop, Sulli may not be aware of the fact that it could very well be symbolizing a masturbation aid.

Source: Instiz