Koreans Netizens Are Stunned At How Popular This Male Group Is Overseas

It seems GOT7 is taking over the world, one city at a time.

It’s true. GOT7 is sweeping the world off its feet with their 2018 World Tour. From Bangkok to Paris, this K-Pop boy group is on the rise beyond Korea. With the group’s recent sold out concert in Moscow, Russia, GOT7 is surprising Koreans with their extreme popularity around the globe.


On June 6, 2018, GOT7’s concert in Moscow, Russia was held with huge success.


Twitter blew up with #GOT7inMoscow. Let us indulge in some post-concert pictures of the gorgeous GOT7 boys on stage!

Look how GOT7’s arrival in Moscow flooded the streets with Russian K-Pop fans!


With up to 10,000 seats being sold out, the house was packed with baby birds who loved every second of the concert!


The members tried to speak in Russian which drove the fans absolutely mad in love.


Russian fans also put together something quite adorable for GOT7. Check out these matryoshka GOT7s!


It was a wild concert with a full house that is passionate about GOT7’s music and K-Pop!


Just look at the pure size of this concert! Korean fans at home were shook by GOT7’s fame overseas.


Russian fans will forever remember this flood of green, uniting them all with the seven boys they love and cherish.


The following days, GOT7 also shook Berlin, Germany and Paris, France with more out-of-this-world concerts. #GOT7inEurope is a whole another hashtag game. These boys are really conquering the world one nation at a time!


Ahgases in Berlin, Germany are serious about showing the utmost support for GOT7. Look how many fans gathered to rock out with the boys!


Fans in Berlin, Germany were completely touched by the concert and the “Hi-touch (하이터치, fan interaction session)”. Seeing the boys in real life, in Europe became quite an emotional adventure for a lot of the ahgases.

The German IGOT7s mastered the fan chant game too!



The fans from Berlin weren’t quite done, even after the concert. Their love for GOT7 and the boys’ music is real.


Jackson most definitely loved Paris. He uploaded a video on his Instagram and commented that he had so much fun performing for his French fans.

“Paris, today was seriously amazing. It was hot without AC, but we had the most fun! We won’t ever forget. You all are so passionate! We love you. Please take care, until we meet again!” Jackson


The concert in Paris, France was another tremendous success. The venue, of 9,000 seats, was full packed with ahgases!

Look at how many fans gathered in Paris to see GOT7 in action!


On the day of the Paris concert, the flock of GOT7’s favorite baby birds stood in line patiently to enter the venue, see the boys, and have the time of their lives!


GOT7’s popularity in the European countries is unmatched.

This level of passion and pure love for a K-Pop group has the Koreans fans at complete awe.


The French ocean of green is a view worth remembering for GOT7!


The members prepared a little something special, for their French speaking fans!

Fans can’t quite get over how magical they sound!


It truly was a festival in Paris!

Like the tweet says, it seems GOT7 boys are home no matter where they are.


With 11 more cities on the Eyes On You World Tour schedule, #GOT7WorldTour isn’t falling out of trend anytime soon. One city at a time, GOT7 is preaching K-Pop and taking over the world!


Koreans expressed their amazement at GOT7’s popularity overseas.

  • “They were even on the cover of a Russian magazine the day after their performance??”
  • “The Russian fans even knew their Korean fanchants… and when the members were doing their talk segments, they kept shouting ‘saranghae’ (I love you). I was so touched…”
  • “The Russian Ahgases’ cheers were so awesome…”
  • “Seriously awesome, GOT7 you worked hard!”
  • “Foreign Ahgases are seriously so funny. The German fans even brought a banner saying ‘You’re finally here, GOT7!’ They’re so serious about it, they waited so long. I hope they have fun at the concert!”