6 Photos That Reveal Song Ji Hyo’s Stunning Bikini Body

This “Running Man” star’s bathing suit photos are both sweet and sexy.

When old photos of Song Ji Hyo’s bikini body circulated online, netizens couldn’t get over how flawless she looked.


The photos became a hot topic after they were posted on a Korean online community board under the title, “Song Ji Hyo, great bikini body”.


The photos are believed to have been snapped during the filming for Sex is Zero 2, an adult comedy Song Ji Hyo starred in back in 2007.


In these photos, Song Ji Hyo can be seen wearing a cute, two-piece bathing suit that shows off her toned figure.


On the board, netizens left comments that praised the actress’s mix of innocence and sexiness.


They found her natural charms to be distinct and refreshing.


She does look a bit chilly though!


11 years have passed since the bikini photos were snapped, but Song Jihyo hasn’t aged a day! On May 11, she displayed that same combination of innocence and sexiness at a promotional event for her beauty brand VIDIVICI.


She is just as gorgeous now as she was back then…


…and can still win hearts with a single smile!


The Running Man star has also stayed in incredible shape, as proved by this sexy workout photo!

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