Koreans reveal the disturbing truth behind “Male Idol Sexual Sponsors”

“I quit working in the Entertainment industry, because what I saw was too shocking.”

With rumors and news about female idols becoming victims of sexual harassment by investors, also known as “sponsors”, Korean netizens began discussing whether male idols experience the same.




“To make an idol successful you have to overcome a mountain of obstacles.

The idol’s entertainment agency usually can’t cover the gargantuan costs, so that’s when sponsors step in.

Idols do everything the sponsor asks them to do.”




“I really like styling idols and ‘decorating’ them so I became a stylist for idols. I’ve been doing this for about a year and 4 months.

Idols have such a perfect image where they look good, speak well, and are very dream-like images compared to regular people.

However, behind that perfect image, they were no different from the average person. They curse like us, act like us, and act just like the age group they’re in.

That’s why I believe that everything you see is never what it seems.”



“Why is it so funny to see people saying the entertainment industry isn’t dirty? ㅋㅋ

You guys say that because the perfectly packaged image is being ruined by actual first hand, second-hand reports of the industry being dirty and not being what it seems. But remember this…

Their world and our world is the same. There’s nothing that separates it. So just know that everything dirty in our world is the same there too.




“We see them as a perfect image, but in reality, they are dirty.

In our world, we keep saying. ‘It won’t be me, my sister, my brother, my mother, my father…’ but there is no exception. They probably start out being ‘normal’, but after awhile, after they get a taste of the ‘real world’ – they all change like us.

At first, they just focus on singing, dancing, performing but then there’s a point where they realize there’s more to this. That’s when they change and their eyes open.



“Money changes everything. Money is freedom.

There’s a reason why people who are sexually active also go do drugs. When you have the options and the access, everything is an open door.

It’s not like they are upstanding people, they are just people who entertain others.

When money becomes a big factor in their lives, in their position, all these vices open up. Those vices lead to other doors and that’s where we are.”




“To survive in that business, you need to be popular. If you’re popular you earn money. To become popular, they will do anything they can because that’s their livelihood.

It’s very easy for them to get sucked into the world of sponsorships because of this. It’s a sad truth but that’s the reality.

We might not understand their decisionmaking but know that they are slightly different because they have more “doors” open to them versus the average person.”


Source: Nate Pann