[★BREAKING] Multiple Korean Celebrities’ Nude Videos Leaked In Celebgate

It looks like ‘celebgate’ is hitting Korea, with multiple new male celebrities having their nude video leaked online.

On December 12, a video was uploaded to a Korean community board of a private nude video. The man in the video appears to be naked, and the video seems to have been taken from a webcam.

While the actor’s identity has not been verified, the man in the video appears to be actor Seo Joon Young according to those who have seen it. Seo Joon Young is most famous for his roles as Prince Gwangpyeong in the drama Deep Rooted Tree and Park Lee Joon in the drama Sharp 3.

Seo Joon Young has not confirmed or denied these rumors and his agency has yet to release a statement on this issue.

Just three days prior, on December 10th, another nude video was leaked which was rumored to be of Seo Ha Jun. Media are now reporting that these two videos are not the only ones. A 30-year-old idol’s video was also leaked, as well as a nude video of a very famous female trainer.

Koreaboo has not embedded photos or videos from these leaks to respect their privacy.

Here’s what Netizens are saying about this issue:

[+405 -16] It’s just so weird that 4 videos were just randomly leaked… the entertainment industry is so dirty…
[+241, -8] I came too early… (no comments were posted yet)
[+52, -3] The person [that] originally got these must be really pretty???

Source: Dispatch, and Nate