Koreans Are Supporting This “Produce 48” Contestant, Because Of Her Phone Case

This trainee is getting some serious support… and some criticism… for this phone case.

Korean netizens are supporting trainee Kim Na Young because of her phone case.


The Banana Culture Entertainment trainee posted a mirror selfie showing her pretty light blue phone case with the words “I Marymond You”.


This is a design that was developed by graphic design company Marymond to support Korean women raped by Japanese soldiers during World War II (often referred to as “comfort women”). Its floral patterns are derived from their paintings or are reminiscent of their character.


Kim Na Young’s show of support for military sex slave victims has gained her a lot of praise….

  • “I didn’t remember her on the show but the moment I saw this I realized how history conscious a kid she is. She has a good feeling and she’s pretty … I’m going to be looking out for her on the show.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “She’s sponsoring the company ㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Everyone keeps talking about it.”
  • “Huh, but she was so close to the Japanese kids in her first group.”
  • “There’s a dance academy in our school that this unnie attends… she’s so good that people curse when they see her dance. She’s definitely going to do well on the next mission.”
  • “I have to vote for her.”


…But she’s also received some negative attention for it, and her position on Produce 48 dropped to 38th because of what netizens are calling a “public relations situation”. She’s been called an attention-seeking feminist and accused of stirring up trouble in the half-Korean, half-Japanese run show.

  • “She must hate Japan. Are you going to dance and do cute things with your Japanese team mates after your debut?”
  • “Military sexual slaves = a damn lot of prostitutes.”
  • “She should have thought before trying to be an activist on TV. It’s a sensitive subject.”
  • “Young feminists and corporate sponsorship – of course you like Japanese military sexual slavery companies (of course, you like helping women).”
  • “Kim Na Young has lost a lot of votes and her image is being manipulated. The only reason for so much abuse is that she bought a Japanese military sexual slavery case. This is the only photo of it. This has happened because of this alone. I’m shocked.”
  • “But is there any concept about this? In our class at school, we carry a case like that with a bag and a ribbon.”


Netizens are especially surprised because Kim Na Young is friendly with her Japanese teammates and lead her group well during battles. Though it has been pointed out that one can deplore a country’s past atrocities while not holding anything against (and even liking) its modern day citizens.


Although the post has divided netizens, Kim Na Young is still receiving support for her dancing and singing skills.

Kim Na Young with HK48 trainee Yabuki Nako.

Source: Pann Nate