Here’s What Koreans Think About BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Controversial” Nurse Outfit

Some real nurses also gave their opinions on this.

YG Entertainment recently announced that they were going to delete all the scenes in BLACKPINK‘s music video “Lovesick Girls” that featured Jennie wearing a nurse uniform.

YG Entertainment faced some backlash from The Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea, as they felt that the costume Jennie wore only “followed the typical depiction used for sexual appeal”. However, some BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) thought that Jennie’s outfit wasn’t a problem and began defending her on social media.

A YouTube channel by the name of JerryRic decided to interview some Koreans to get their opinions on this matter. Two of the interviewees were real nurses and shared that they felt a little uncomfortable with the costume.

Another interviewee revealed that one of her family members is a nurse and shared that a nurse’s outfit usually makes people calm.

In regards to Jennie’s outfit, she felt that it changed the image of what a nurse should look like.

However, some interviewees didn’t have a problem with Jennie’s outfit. One interviewee stated that male K-Pop idols wear school uniforms all the time and often pull off their shirts while performing in them. This interviewee felt that this wasn’t a good representation of students, but male idols never got criticized for this. So, she felt that Jennie getting criticized was showing the double standards in K-Pop.

Another interviewee shared that just because Jennie wore a nurse outfit, it didn’t mean that the image of nurses would suddenly turn bad.

Here’s the full video below.