Korea’s “National Mother” Sends Heart Breaking Message Commemorating Kim Joo Hyuk

Korea’s “Mother”, actress Go Doo Shim, recently revealed how heartbroken she was about Kim Joo Hyuk’s death.

She had just finished shooting photos for her interview about her latest film, The Preparation.

After her photoshoot was over, she said she found herself thinking about Kim Joo Hyuk.

“Just recently, I found myself saying something even I didn’t expect after shooting my last photo. I said, ‘Joo Hyuk, you’ve left this world but here I am smiling for a photo. I wonder if this is what life is.'”

— Go Doo Shim

She then shed tears at the thought, and expressed that he died much too early.

“He could have been an even bigger influence, but he died too early so my heart breaks.”

— Go Doo Shim

In the past, Kim Joo Hyuk and Go Doo Shim worked together with the roles of mother and son, so they grew close.

“I always thought of him as special because we once worked together as mother and son in the past. We don’t share the same blood but he was someone I grew very fond of.”

— Go Doo Shim

Late last month, Kim Joo Hyuk passed away in a tragic car accident, in which the cause of death is still unknown.

[★BREAKING] Actor Kim Joo Hyuk passes away after tragic car accident

Source: Dispatch