A Highly Underrated K-Pop Artist That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of… Is A Rabbit

She even has an official Spotify!

With artists like K/DA and aespa on the rise in the K-Pop industry, the music genre is growing ever more creative with its use of virtual reality and AI.


While these two artists are the most well-known among K-Pop fans, there’s another completely virtual artist that most are probably unaware of. And not only that… She’s also a rabbit.

Meet Apoki, the AI-generated rabbit K-Pop idol who may just blow you away with her musical talents.


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Apoki posted her first video on YouTube on April 22, 2019, which was a cover of Kehlani‘s “Honey”. Since then, she has posted numerous vocal and dance covers by Korean and American artists alike.

She made her debut as a K-Pop idol herself on February 22, 2021 with the song “Get It Out”… And the music video and song are both fire.

She, along with fellow virtual artist LECHAT, is the only artist under VV Entertainment, which isn’t surprising, since the amount of time and effort it would take to create so much virtual content is incredible!

Not much is known about the voice behind Apoki, but some speculate that it’s U Sung Eun, who was a runner-up on the Korean The Voice about a decade ago.

Apoki even has a page on KProfiles, which states that she enjoys TWICE and BTS, and that she describes herself as “A rabbit drawing a map for future virtual influencers”.

She’s active on many different social media platforms apart from YouTube, including TwitterInstagramTikTok, and Facebook. Her biggest platform is TikTok, where she has 3.4 million followers!

@apoki.vv 옹기종기 우리 셋👩‍👧‍👦@ovadozu.vv ♬ original sound – SPANKY YNVS

As far as her music career goes, her most recent song, “Shut Up Kiss Me”, has far too few views for how cute of a song it is.

Not to mention, her performance videos with her backup bunny dancers OVA and DOSE are on par with real K-Pop artists!

They even have a relay version of the dance that was recently posted too, where the three AIs interact just like any other idols during the performance.

If you enjoy the virtual side of the K-Pop music genre, Apoki is definitely worth checking out for her great music, high-quality AI work, and adorable videos!