K-Pop Fan’s Brother Throws Her A Kim Jong Un-Themed Birthday Party… And The Internet Is Divided

Genuine mistake, epic troll, or racist prank?

As K-Pop becomes more of a global phenomenon, more idols become known among the general public.

K-Pop fans are always excited to see other celebrities enjoying some of the same groups, like English singer-songwriter PinkPantheress revealing her NCT bias and TWICE bias.

PinkPantheress | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

Or Alice In Borderland actress Ayaka Miyoshi having an interaction with her favorite K-Pop group.

Ayaka Miyoshi | @miyoshi.aa/Instagram

But while there are many popular K-Pop idols and groups, one K-Pop fan’s brother, Vitor, had an “unexpected” pick for who he thought his sister, Emanuela, liked the most. Since Emanuela is such an avid K-Pop fan, Vitor planned her a “K-Pop-themed” birthday party in 2020, basing it around the “most famous Korean” he knew: Kim Jong Un.

And a recent tweet about the unexpected celebration, claiming “He tried,” went viral.

Many netizens pointed out that Vitor was likely intentionally trolling Emanuela.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in 2020, Vitor explained to Emanuela that he based the part around “the most famous Korean [he knows].”

| V de Vitu/YouTube 

And Emanuela couldn’t contain her laughter as she saw the unexpected celebration her brother had planned.

| V de Vitu/YouTube 

| V de Vitu/YouTube 

The figures on the cake had even been arranged so Kim Jong Un formed his own “group” of seven members.

| V de Vitu/YouTube 

And Emanuela eventually claimed she liked the party.

| V de Vitu/YouTube 

While many netizens find the prank amusing, wishing Emanuela a happy birthday…

Others feel that the prank is distasteful and “racist.”

But fortunately, in the end, Emanuela got the BTS-themed party she’d hoped for.

| @vitor.desouza.944/Facebook

You can watch the video here.

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