K-Pop Bodyguards Share Their Biggest Fanboy Moments With Idols

Even bodyguards can’t resist their charms.

If you’re a K-Pop stan, guarding idols could be the perfect job for you if you can separate work from play!

| AYO/Youtube.com

Bodyguards Han Hojun and Kim Juhyung sat down with AYO to answer fans’ questions and share stories. Han Hojun has worked security for Ong Seong WuMAMAMOOGFRIENDGirls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, and MOMOLAND.

| AYO/Youtube.com

Kim Juhyung, a 12-year veteran, has guarded a long and impressive list of stars. “It would be faster to say idols that I didn’t guard,” he joked.

Out of all those groups, one stands out in Kim Juhyung’s memory: I.O.I. “I voted on Produce 101 every week,” he confessed shyly.

In particular, he loves Sejeong, a former member of I.O.I, and a current member of Gugudan.

When he guarded her at a concert in Daegu, his fanboy nerves almost got the best of him.

Like his senior, Han Hojun fell for a girl group’s charms. After he finished guarding GFRIEND, they sweetly thanked him for his hard work.

It was such a memorable moment that Han Hojun still thinks about it to this day.

No ulterior motive?” Kim Juhyung joked. Uh oh. Busted!

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