The K-Pop Boy Group That Sabotaged Their Own Performance… Because They Were Forced To Lip-Sync

“One of the most legendary K-Pop moments…”

Lip-syncing is often used during K-Pop performances. Still, it tends to be controversial whenever an artist takes the stage and lip-syncs to a backtrack.

Even during the first generation of K-Pop, lip-syncing was relatively common, leading to a change in how artists perform on music broadcasts when girl group GirlFrND had not been warned they wouldn’t be able to lip-sync.

GirlFrND | Namuwiki

But one first-generation boy group intentionally sabotaged their own performance all because they had been told to lip sync.


Shinhwa have always shown off their incredible vocal skills and continually astounded fans with their captivating performances.

So when they were told to lip-sync a performance for their song “Hey Come On,” Shinhwa made it abundantly clear that they were lip-syncing.

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Fans loved the chaotic performance as Min Woo performed without a microphone.

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And members continually lip-synced to other members’ parts rather than their own, like when Junjin pretended to sing Hyesung‘s part.

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Hyesung even performed Min Woo’s solo dance.

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Fans loved Shinwha’s hysterically chaotic way of sabotaging their own stage.

Especially since their strong vocal and performance skills are undeniable.

You can watch their full performance here.

You can read more about why artists lip-sync here.

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