Radio Host Exposes The Unusual Rules K-Pop Companies Have For Idol Interviews

Companies have a long list of unusual rules to follow.

As a space for all kinds of music, the Zach Sang Show has interviewed popular K-Pop girl groups like BLACKPINK, TWICE, MAMAMOO, and aespa.

Zach Sang and co-host Dan Zolot have also interviewed popular boy groups like BTS, NCT 127, Stray Kids, and CRAVITY. However, entertainment agencies don’t make those interviews as carefree and relaxed as they seem.

When THEBLACKLABEL‘s LØREN discussed BLACKPINK breaking the boundaries of K-Pop idols’ “perfect” image, Zach Sang mentioned how strict other agencies are at preventing that from happening.

Shocking LØREN, Zach Sang admitted, “We used to get crazy notes like, ‘Can’t show knees. Or can’t f*cking [show some other common thing]…’” That wasn’t the only unusual request, either.

Dan Zolot confirmed that K-Pop companies had so many rules when interviewing idols that they couldn’t even say them all. Zach Sang warned that the long list included other things you also wouldn’t expect.

LØREN: Can’t show knees?

Dan Zolot: There were a lot of rules, yeah.

Zach Sang: You have no idea.

LØREN was so surprised that he had to confirm they were talking about actual knees. He asked, “Like that knee?” Zach Sang expressed how agencies thought, “This is too much,” when showing knees.

If K-Pop agencies were so strict about preventing them from showing idols’ knees, the other rules must be just as unusual.

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