K-Pop Entertainment CEO Convicted Of Defrauding His Own Idols Is Trying To Debut New Groups

One of the new group’s leaders is just 12 years old.

K-Pop idol hopefuls have many obstacles in the way of superstardom. The recent reality program Peak Time highlighted the difficulties stars could face while trying to remain in the entertainment industry, like winning team Vanner working part-time jobs to fund their careers.


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Of all the things that could stand in an idol’s way, one of the most unfortunate is betrayal from the label that signed them — or, specifically, in the case of former Stardom Entertainment idols, your own CEO.

In 2009, musician Cho PD founded the label to manage his career before creating a new boy group. Several months after the initial announcement, boy group Block B debuted.

Cho PD
Block B

In 2013, Block B filed a lawsuit against the label, claiming not to have been paid for more than a year. While Block B successfully transferred their rights to a new agency, Stardom debuted another boy group, named Topp Dogg.

Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg originally debuted with thirteen members before several would file lawsuits to terminate their contracts. In 2016, leader P-Goon took to Twitter to demand that Cho PD explain where the group’s missing funds from their recent Japanese tour were.


At the time, Cho PD, who had signed a contract transferring all the assets of Stardom to Hunus Entertainment, was no longer involved with the group or the company. Hunus and Cho PD were actually involved in a lawsuit over other financial issues.

Ultimately, Hunus won the lawsuit, and Cho PD was sentenced to a two years suspended sentence.

Now, years after his sentencing, it seems Cho PD is attempting to debut more K-Pop groups.

Under his new label, ChoCo Entertainment, Cho PD has set out to create two new groups through a variety program titled ChoCo in Hollywood. According to the company’s Twitter account, the program will begin airing May 13.

So far, two of the new groups’ “trainees” have been introduced as leaders of their respective groups.

Some netizens have already given their opinions on Cho PD’s activities and their disbelief at the members’ ages.

What do you think about Cho PD’s new ventures?

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