10 Room Makeovers By K-pop Fans For Some Decorating Inspiration

Operation: Room Makeover, K-pop Edition!

With the added amount of time spent at home, perhaps some of you are considering redecorating or reorganizing your rooms and K-pop collections. If self-quarantine has got your fingers a little itchy, here’s some inspiration from other K-pop fans!

1. This beautiful NCT 127 set-up

Twitter user @mukrobjaehyun12 showed off the little changes she made to her desks between NCT 127‘s promotions for “Superhuman” and their Neo Zone album. She flawlessly incorporated the pulls from the albums, including the photo cards and posters!

During the “Superhuman” era, things looked a little more cool and collected.

2. The dedication to EXO’s Baekhyun

This particular EXO-L, @byunocracy on Twitter, took her love for Baekhyun a little further, kitting out her room with huge frames of him. Check out her collection.

Wonder how it feels to sleep with him looking over you!

The taste. 😘👌

3. Something more youthful

Perhaps this is an easier one to draw inspiration from! @redsolocoups went with a youthful, student vibe as she set up organization grids to pin up her bias’ merchandise!

She’s so organized that we absolutely cannot relate.

4. All you need sometimes, is just a single shelf.

@_manday_ showed us just how much change a single piece of furniture can bring about to your room! She skilfully tucked all her albums and merchandise into a neat corner cabinet, while leaving some select ones out for display. We spy some Army slogans as well!

5. Natural and minimalist

If something right out of Tumblr aesthetics tickles your fancy, @ammndza on Twitter shared her newly decorated room. She cleverly pinned up polaroids of her own memories and tucked little BTS cards between them.

Check out her little bedside display with BTS albums and frames!

6. Gray and understated

Another room with classic colors, @kooksbiitch decided to go with a neutral monochrome palette while adding a twist to it with photos of her idols.

Home sweet home indeed!

7. This beautiful desk set-up

Straying a little bit off Twitter, YouTube also has a mine of inspiration that you can feed off. YouTuber milkyboos gave a tour of her room and it is absolutely aesthetic.

You can check out her full video here as the explains each and every corner.

8. Unsure of where to begin? We’ve got you!

If you ever want to watch someone’s process from start to finish of the actual redecoration, check out minqnt‘s video as she takes you through her journey.

We love the idea of hanging up the actual CDs itself on a metal rack!

Watch her rebuild her little K-pop and study corner!

9. This is actually so beautiful that we’re envious

Have you seen jeonurls room? It looks like a great place to quietly get work done as well as to fangirl in! We love the neutral palette that’s given some oomph from the pink BTS albums.

Watch her entire room tour here.

10. Making use of all the available space

spicychiim is actually pretty amazing with how she kept her room so neat with the amount of merchandise she has. Her shelving area is completely dedicated to her biases! The lights and candle give it a sweet touch.

BTS in its position of glory on a designated shelf.

Check out her room here but be warned – you may come out with a serious case of envy.

Now that we’ve provided you with the inspiration, there’s nothing stopping you from getting to work on your own rooms!