Here’s Why Obsessive K-Pop Fans Are Happier, According To A Study

There’s science behind it!

Could dedicated K-Pop fans have a higher happiness level than others on average? According to a recent study, anyone with a deep passion such as K-Pop might see surprising positive changes to their happiness level.

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The Korea Food Forum conducted a study led by professor Park Hyun Ju of the College of Nursing at Kangwon National University where they analyzed the mental health of college students by separating them into groups.

The students were split up into two groups, “Otaku” and “Non-Otaku.” “Otaku” is a Japanese term used for people with an obsessive interest. Some of the things an Otaku might be a fan of include celebrities, comics, animations, figurines, science fiction and games.

These types of fans initially may have had a negative stigma surrounding their interests. However, according to the Korea Times, things are changing.

Those perceptions have changed in recent years as they became actively engaged in online communication and offline gatherings such as fan clubs.

— The Korea Times

In the study, the majority of the students (70%) were categorized as non-Otakus while the remaining 30% were considered Otaku. This was determined by asking questions including, “Have you ever neglected your regular duties due to pursuing your interests?” and “Do you have no regrets no matter how much money you have spent on pursuing your interests?

The research team then measured the level of happiness of each group. While the non-Otaku group scored 40.21, the Otaku group scored higher at 43.17.

Being a fan of something allows for people to not only focus on what they love, but also meet and connect with others who enjoy the same thing. Looking forward to updates each day, being a part of a community, and engaging in joyous activities could all help elevate someone’s happiness level over time.

Such activities can enhance one’s happiness by making them concentrate and engage in something that interests them.

— Park Hyun Ju

If someone decides to give you a snide remark for your love of K-Pop, it’s possible they might be in need of their own special hobby!

Source: Korea Times