K-Pop Fans Are Acknowledging IZ*ONE Sakura’s Hard Work For Her Upgraded Dancing Skills

The queen of improvements.

Way back when IZ*ONE‘s Sakura was Trainee Sakura on Produce 48, she faced some harsh criticism for “not meeting K-Pop standards of dance skills”. Viewers of the show sharply pointed out that she “has no groove” and “is stiff AF”.


Some viewers even doubted whether Sakura deserves a spot in the debut group, because they believed her to be only a “visual member” with nothing else to offer. Regardless, Sakura survived the system and continued to remain in the pool of top trainees most likely to debut.


Soon came the end of the program and Sakura successfully won a spot in IZ*ONE. It has been a little over half year since the group’s debut and the members have dropped top bops like “La Vie en Rose” and “Violeta”. Over these months, Sakura endured to learn and improve her “K-Pop idolness” throughout the promotions…


… and now, Sakura’s most recent fan cam from a June 2019 “AYAYA” performance has K-Pop fans wowing over how much she has pushed her limits in dancing. They’re praising how far she has come since Produce 48. In this clip, Sakura is spotted having the time of her life on stage. She is doing everything that veteran K-Pop girl group members do on stage while dancing, from the hair flip to the breathtaking facial expressions – and everyone is impressed!


Fans are fascinated by how quickly, in the span of IZ*ONE’s promotions so far, Sakura has improved so much. They are now actively praising Sakura for all the hard work she must have put in to practicing and improving herself behind the scenes. Netizens are titling Sakura an icon of diligence, to have gone from zero to hundred in less than a year!


Watch the full clip of Sakura’s upgraded moves and grooves here:

Source: THEQOO