Music Show Staff Picks The K-Pop Group With The Best Live Vocals

Out of all the groups they saw live, one was the best.

While preparing stage props for Music Bank, Show! Music Core, Inkigayo, and M COUNTDOWN, a staff member has worked with many popular K-Pop groups like TWICE, IZ*ONE, ASTRO, and TXT.

They confirmed that most of the groups they’ve seen live didn’t lip-sync for performances. The staff member also revealed the difference between live vocals and lip-syncing. A group, in particular, took the crown for best live vocals.

From the countless groups they’ve worked with and seen perform live, the staff member chose Woollim Entertainment‘s boy group Golden Child.

They were quick to admit they were a Goldenness but clarified it wasn’t why they chose the group. As a professional, they said, “You can really tell they’re good if you see them!

Between their solid comebacks and professional stages, Golden Child is a group that deserves more attention for its talents. The staff member was able to see it.

Golden Child’s Jaehyun.

Listen to the staff member praise the group here.

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