The K-Pop Group That Lost “Half Of Their Fans” After TVXQ Opened For Them

“I made a complaint to the company, telling them off for having TVXQ as our guest.” 😂

JYJ Kim Jaejoong‘s original talk show JaeFriends was officially renewed for a second season. For the anticipated first episode, he reunited with another former SM Entertainment labelmate, Fly to the Sky‘s Brian Joo.

Brian Joo (left) and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (right) | uhmg/YouTube

The two admitted they had last appeared together during SMTOWN LIVE 2004, and were eager to catch up on the two decades that have passed since then.

Jaejoong and Brian reminisced about their trainee days, the early days of their careers, discussed their recent activities, and more.

Brian joked with his former junior labelmate, saying he may know the most about Jaejoong out of all of his JaeFriends guests, referring to stories he heard about TVXQ as trainees.

Jaejoong assured viewers that his life had changed since then.

While discussing the early days of their careers, Brian asked if Jaejoong remembered performing as the opening act for Fly to the Sky.

It was one of TVXQ’s first performances in front of a large crowd, and Jaejoong admitted they were “so nervous.

Brian told Jaejoong how he really felt about TVXQ’s opening performance, expressing that he was frustrated at the time because the group “took half of [Fly to the Sky’s] fans.

Brian shared that after the performance, he complained to SM Entertainment and “[told] them off” for having TVXQ as Fly to the Sky’s guest performer.

The Fly to the Sky member admitted that it was a common cycle among fans of SM Entertainment groups, noting that some of H.O.T.’s fans became Shinhwa fans, and some of Shinhwa’s fans became fans of Fly to the Sky, and so on.

Check out more from Brian’s JaeFriends episode below!

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