The Most Handsome K-Pop Group In Real Life, Chosen By SM Entertainment Staff

They were proud to work for such a handsome group.

From veteran groups like TVXQ! and Super Junior

TVXQ!’s Yunho | @TVXQ/Twitter

…to newer groups like NCT and RIIZE, SM Entertainment has more than a few handsome male idols under their company. So singer Lee Seok Hoon couldn’t resist asking the staff who was the most handsome in real life during an episode of SSULPLY.

NCT U | @NCTsmtown/Twitter
RIIZE | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Since Red Velvet‘s manager Choi Byung Jong has worked with many famous celebrities, including those from JYP Entertainment and MLD Entertainment, Lee Seok Hoon asked him which celebrity was the most handsome he’d ever seen.

Choi Byung Jong chose one of the boy groups he spent a lot of time with. He said, “For men, it’s definitely SHINee.” The answer took Key by surprise as the manager revealed that he was proud of their visuals and dance skills.

Choi Byung Jong isn’t alone. Even though fifteen years have passed since SHINee’s debut, the members are still talked about for their timeless visuals.

SHINee | @SHINee/Twitter

See the manager gush about SHINee’s visuals and talents here.