The K-Pop Group That Used A Music Show Speech To Ask Their Runaway Manager To Return

The manager “explains himself” eight years later 😂

Whenever the SHINee members are together, there is often chaos as their playful and lovable personalities collide. While fans often have a front-row seat to their fun antics through live streams and the group’s promotional activities, a few people have full access to the madness… their managers.

(From left:) SHINee’s Onew, Taemin, Minho, and Key | @shinee/Instagram

One beloved manager, Nam Euisoo, is well-known among fans and is especially close with maknae Taemin. Shawols love Nam Euisoo’s close relationship with the members and enjoy witnessing the numerous times the group has jokingly “exposed” Nam Euisoo’s personal life to the public.

SHINee’s Taemin Once Again Exposed His Manager By Revealing Why He Cried Recently

Recently, Taemin and Nam Euisoo sat down for a meal together and reminisced about when Nam Euisoo first became an SM Entertainment employee.

While discussing how Nam Euisoo has changed since meeting SHINee, Taemin hilariously spilled about the time the manager ran away.

SHINee’s manager Nam Euisoo

After comparing Euisoo’s photo from when he first joined SM Entertainment to his current self, Taemin jokingly said, “Work must have been really tough,” while apologizing for what SHINee turned him into.

Euisoo shared that he first joined the group as their manager during Jonghyun‘s solo debut activities and grew closer to the members when they went to Thailand together.

Taemin jokingly said Euisoo began work “comfortably,” playfully telling his manager that he “had it easy,” but the manager still ran away.

Euisoo explained himself, saying it wasn’t because he didn’t like the members or the work; he was just extremely tired from the group’s busy schedules.

After running away, he laid down and “thought about nothing.”

While their manager was MIA, Taemin took matters into his own hands and addressed the situation in SHINee’s winning speech for “View” on Show! Music Core.

While thanking the group’s managers in his 2015 speech, Taemin hilariously added, “And we hope Euisoo comes back quickly.

Taemin’s Show! Music Core plea made its way to Euisoo, who said he received multiple calls about SHINee’s hope that he would return.

The maknae touchingly revealed that he met with another manager of the group, Choi Jin, in an effort to get Euisoo to return.

Taemin explained that he had met many staff members and managers but thought fondly of Euisoo and didn’t want to lose a “great person like [him].”

Euisoo decided to stay, and the rest is history! Check out more on Euisoo’s sweet friendship with Taemin from Key‘s point of view in the article below:

SHINee’s Taemin Once Again Exposed His Manager By Revealing Why He Cried Recently

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