K-Pop Hair And Makeup Artists Reveal Which Male Idol’s Visuals And Charms Stand Out The Most

Who would you pick?

During their jam-packed schedules, K-Pop idols are expected to always look the part and showcase their dazzling visuals to fans. To achieve this, many spend hours in salons having their hair and makeup done to make sure that they shine on stage.

YouTube channel AYO recently invited Cheongdam Lovey salon’s representative and assistant directors Daho and Kim Minseon to their channel to talk about all things beauty.

They answered questions on all sorts of topics, from what idols do at salons, makeup tips, and what the stylists carry in their bags during the video. In particular, one viewer asked which male idols were very pretty by their hair and makeup standards.

The first person that Daho pointed out was EXO‘s Kai explaining that he is a very charming idol. Kim Minseon added that she thought he was very cool, and there is no denying those facts.

After Kai, the guests looked at SEVENTEEN and the members that stood out for them, and Daho’s pick was Wonwoo. He explained that although Wonwoo can sometimes look cold, he’s a very warm-hearted idol who takes care of those around him as well as his fellow members.

Kim Minseon was next, and she picked SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, explaining that not only is he very pretty but added, “His skin glows too.” Even Daho had to agree with her explaining that you will be surprised by how good Jeonghan looks if you see it in person!

For many K-Pop fans, makeup artists must have the best job in the world, being surrounded by idols. However, their hard work is sometimes taken for granted. It must be tough having the responsibility to make an idol shine on stage! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO and FI
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