K-Pop Hair And Makeup Stylists Reveal If Idols Go To Special VIP Rooms In Salons

Would you be able to meet your bias in a salon?

With their high fame and status, it isn’t unheard of for celebrities to receive VIP treatment wherever they go. Knowing this, a K-Pop fan recently asked professionals if the same holds true for idols.

Is there a separate VIP room in the hair and makeup shop? Can I get it with my idol if I go to the salon that they go to?

— Korean netizen

Daho and Kim Min Seon are directors of a hair and makeup salon that has been frequented by celebrities like SEVENTEEN and Super Junior.

Daho (left) and Kim Min Seon (right) | @AYO/YouTube

Daho revealed that their salon has a VIP room, but idols typically don’t use them. That is why it’s possible to sit beside them if you happen to be lucky enough to visit the salon at the same time.

You can sit next to them. There is a separate VIP room, but you don’t go into the VIP room just because you’re a celebrity.

— Daho

When asked who does use the rooms, he explained that it is reserved for people who “have a lot of things to hide.”

He further explained that idols can usually be seen in the main part of the salon even if there are rare occasions when they must use the VIP room.

Sometimes, they have to go in and do it, but most of the time, they’re all out there together.

— Daho

It turns out the likelihood of meeting your favorite idols in a salon isn’t all that small!

| @BTSBeginJJK/Twitter

Learn more about K-Pop idols from insiders themselves in the full video below.

Source: AYO