K-Pop Hairstylist Reveals Which Idols Look The Best With Pink Hair

His choices might surprise you!

K-Pop is known worldwide for it’s bright and experimental hair colors. Fans love to see their idols try out new tones, especially since a change often signals an upcoming comeback.

BTS | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

On his most recent episode of Dare U Naeju, head designer of the Bit & Boot Salon, Park Naeju (who has worked on the hair of BTSGOT7TWICE, and more), invited a fan to celebrate her new job (after months of job searching) by dying her hair a fun and fresh color. For the color, they chose pink because “the trendy color is now pink.”

“The trendy color now is pink.” | 내주제에 Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Naeju listed some examples of current stars rocking the color including Lee Youngji:

Lee Youngji | @youngji_02/Instagram

And Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon:

Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

As his client came in with very dark hair so it took three rounds of bleach to lighten it enough to dye it the goal color of soft pink. To pass the time, she asked Naeju which idol client he though wore the hair color best.

“So which idol client would you say looks best with pink hair?” | 내주제에 Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

His first answer was NCT‘s Jaehyun who most notably had the hairstyle for the group’s “Superhuman” comeback.

Jaehyun | @nct127/Instagram

The hair color did make an excellent return in the promotional content for the NCT 2020 Resonance album.

Jaehyun | NCT/Facebook

The second idol Naeju listed was Eric from The BOYZ. Eric has donned the pink look multiple times this year, the first time being for the group’s Japanese song “Breaking Dawn”.

Eric | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

Eric is currently rocking a softer version of the color for their most recent comeback, “Thrill Ride”.

Eric | 더보이즈(THE BOYZ)/Facebook

The last idol mentioned by was EXO‘s Sehun who wore this color as a part of his sub-unit, EXO-SC, with fellow member Chanyeol.

Sehun | @weareone.exo/Instagram

This color brought in fresh summer vibes for their 2020 “1 Billion Views” comeback.

Sehun | @weareone.exo/Instagram

How many of these idols did you expect to see on his list? Do you think anyone was left off? Let us know and to see more about popular K-pop hair colors, check out the article below:

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