K-Pop Hairstylists Reveals Just How Much Work Goes Into Maintaining K-Pop Idol’s Colored Hair

They’ve spilled the beans…

Whenever K-Pop idols announce a new comeback, one of the first things that fans notice is that many of them will change the color of their hair! Depending on the concept, idols can have fairly simple styles or can go all out with bright colors that pop out both on stage and in music videos.

BTS during the “Butter” concept | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

In a recent video, Bit & Boot salon CEO Park Naeju and stylist Hyein answered some questions about K-Pop idols and their ever-changing hair colors. These stylists have done the hair for BTS, NCT, and many more huge names in K-Pop!

The hairstylists revealed just how much work goes into creating these new looks for idols, and it takes a long time for both the stylists and artists, which can be physically and emotionally draining.

When idols prepare for a new album, people think that’s when they get some rest, but they practice every day. They practice every day until 2 or 3 am. It’s really hard for them to even make time for hair. If we need to make a dark color bright, it can take up to 8 to 10 hours for one person.

— Park Naeju

Even once the hair is completed, it takes a lot of work to maintain, and a viewer asked them how the idols keep their hair bright while they promote.

As expected, once the hairstylists do their magic, their job isn’t done and they’re always on call just to ensure that the idols continue to look their very best.

They get their hair dyed often on set too. Before a shoot, before getting their hair and makeup done.

— Hyein

In particular, when they are shooting a music video, it becomes like a military operation to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Park Naeju revealed just what a normal day on set could be like and how much work goes into ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Let’s say we have two to three hours to work on a group. We start off dying the hair of the one guy who needs it as the others get their hair and makeup done. Then that guy gets his hair and makeup done last. We try to save time.

— Park Naeju

Park Naeju also revealed that certain colors and styles last longer, whereas others require a lot more maintenance, especially with the number of products used.

Bright colors don’t last as long. The color changes dramatically if you use a straightener or curling iron. Since we’re constantly using heating tools on idols, they need a dye job every two to three days.

— Park Naeju

With all of this maintenance and effort, it is no surprise that the idols always look flawless and their hair impeccable. It takes all this work to ensure they look great, even when they are nearing the end of their promotion.

You can watch the video below.

Source: Dare U Naeju