Here’s What K-Pop Hairstylists And Makeup Artists Think About Customers Who Want To Look Like Idols

Have you ever brought the picture of an idol to a salon?

Many of us have done it before—we’ve brought a picture of a K-Pop idol to the salon in the hopes that the hairstylist or makeup artist will be able to recreate their look.

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Professional hair and makeup artists Ryu Ji and Jo Sun revealed what they think about customers like us in an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

The topic was brought up when a netizen asked them, “If I bring a picture of an actor or idol, can I get the same styling?

Ryu Ji (left) and Jo Sun (right)

Jo Sun revealed that they do their best to make it as similar as possible.

We can achieve a similar impression.

— Jo Sun

Although there are cases when customers get disappointed by the result, more often than not, they are “open-minded” and have set realistic expectations.

But customers these days are open-minded. We can make it look similar.

— Ryu Ji

In fact, many are aware that no matter what their hair and makeup look like, their face will remain the same.

And they already know…that it’s not gonna work out.

— Jo Sun

On the bright side, Ryu Ji is confident that it is possible to recreate idol hairstyles. The same can probably be said for other talented hairstylists and makeup artists!

I make sure that I can do it exactly the same way when I cover your face. It’s possible.

— Ryu Ji

Apart from discussing the reactions of regular customers, Jo Sun and Ryu Ji talked about who among the two of them is closer to K-Pop idols. Read their intriguing argument here:

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Source: YouTube