Who’s Closer To K-Pop Idols? Professional Hairstylist And Makeup Artist Make Their Case

Here’s what they personally observed.

Between makeup artists and hairstylists, who is actually closer to K-Pop idols?

TWICE’s Jeongyeon getting her hair done | @JYPETWICE_JAPAN/Twitter

ITZY‘s hair and makeup artists, Ryu Ji and Jo Sun, playfully argued about it in an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

Ryu Ji (left) and Jo Sun (right)

Jo Sun, the makeup artist, insisted that she is closer to idols because she directly looks at them as she does her job.

Me lol. I look at their faces while putting makeup on. It’s me.

— Jo Sun

On the other hand, hairstylist Ryu Ji believes that she has the advantage because she talks to the idols more.

We both think that we’re closer, but actually, I’m closer to them. We get to have more conversation.

— Ryu Ji

Furrowing her brows, Jo Sun noted that the fact that makeup artists are in front is still better.

But there’s a difference when you’re talking behind them and in front of them.

— Jo Sun

Ryu Ji, however, once again disagreed. She argued that hairstylists and idols converse by looking at the mirror.

Nah, we talk together looking in the mirror.

— Ryu Ji

To end the debate once and for all, Jo Sun concluded, “Contact-free. Face-to-face.” Both gave excellent points!

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Source: YouTube