The Only K-Pop Idol Who Has A Certified Skydiving License

He’s a certified daredevil with the safety skills to match.

Many K-Pop idols are so multi-talented that they are licensed in areas that are entirely separate from the entertainment industry, like MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri being licensed scuba divers.

Yuri holding her diving license. | SBS

Among the unexpected licenses that idols have, only one idol has been certified in skydiving.

Two people skydiving. | Nicoleta Nastace/Pixabay

That idol is a member of WayV and has amazed fans more than once with his numerous talents and hobbies.

WayV | @WayV_official/Twitter

During NCT‘s interview with Sanook Entertainment, Kun was “so concentrated with sky diving” as a hobby that Kun “successfully received the sky diving license.Taeil was surprised by the news.

Since it was such a rare skill, YangYang asked, “Nobody does it, do they?” Kun confirmed that he’s the first idol to receive it, “Not yet. I don’t think there’s an idol that obtained the sky diving license.

For Kun to not only give sky diving a try once but work towards earning the license for proper safety in the air, he’s truly fearless.

It seems like Kun is on a mission to do it all, having other licenses such as a drone license and possibly a pilot license as well.

| @WayV_official/Twitter

See Kun amaze even the NCT members with his licenses.

สัมภาษณ์ “แทอิล คุน หยางหยาง NCT” ถึงเพลง “Rain Day” และสิ่งที่อยากทำในไทย

คลิปสัมภาษณ์ แทอิล คุน หยางหยาง NCT ถึงเพลง “Rain Day” จากโปรเจกต์ NCT LAB ที่คุนแต่งเอาไว้นานถึง 2 ปี เบื้องหลังเอ็มวี ความซี้ของหยางหยาง เหรินจวิ้น โชทาโร่ และสิ่งที่อยากทำและอยากไปในเมืองไทย (พูดถึงไทยก็ต้องเมนชั่นเตนล์แน่นอน)#NCTU #TAEIL #KUN #YANGYANG #NCTU_RainDay #TAEIL_KUN_YANGYANG #NCTLAB SM True

Posted by Sanook Entertainment on Friday, 22 July 2022


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