Meet The K-Pop Idol Who Debuted And Disappeared In Less Than A Month

Circumstances that no one predicted changed everything for her.

While some K-Pop groups debut and achieve success, whether it takes one week or a few years, many aren’t as lucky. Sadly, one female K-Pop idol made her debut and disappeared in less than a month.

Disbanded girl group KISS&CRY. 

Jang Mi got her start in the K-Pop industry as part of the dance team YAMA & HOTCHICKS, which choreographed for popular girl groups like KARA, T-ARA, Brown Eyed Girls, and gugudan SeMiNa. She gained attention as a backup dancer for LOONA, becoming so popular that she even had a fansite.

Jang Mi eventually earned the opportunity to choreograph for the trainees on the survival show Produce 48 and taught IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung. As she gained experience and improved her skills, Jang Mi received another opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

Jang Mi | @_looo372/Instagram

Soon after Jang Mi told the YAMA & HOTCHICKS leader she was quitting as a dancer, she broke the news to a girl group she’d been teaching. That’s when they offered her a rare chance. LIMESODA asked Jang Mi to join the group.

They asked me if I wanted to join them. I was like, ‘Okay!’ Then, I became the new member of that group.

— Jang Mi

LIMESODA (Jang Mi on the far right). | @limesoda_2017/Twitter

She made her debut on October 4, 2019 with the group’s song “WAVE”. Due to circumstances no one expected, Jang Mi’s idol days didn’t last long.

Jang Mi revealed that the pandemic left D Maker Entertainment without any money to promote the group. She remembered promoting “WAVE” for less than a month—explaining LIMESODA’s four broadcast performances of the song.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we barely had income. I was able to perform on broadcast for only two to three times. Probably less than a month.

— Jang Mi

Ultimately, D Maker Entertainment couldn’t survive at all, let alone keep LIMESODA afloat. Jang Mi admitted, “Our agency disappeared like smoke afterward.

Outside of those four “WAVE” broadcast performances from October and the beginning of November, LIMESODA rarely performed elsewhere in 2019. Despite the group not being active, Jang Mi continued to keep fans updated on social media until updates stopped altogether in 2020. That didn’t stop Jang Mi, though.

| @limesoda_2017/Twitter

Although Jang Mi actively promoted as a K-Pop idol for less than a month, she didn’t let it keep her down. She put her past as a dancer and idol behind her and is now an actress.

Source: YouTube

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