Which K-Pop Idol Invented The Popular “Apple Heart”?

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In the ever-evolving world of K-Pop, where new trends emerge almost daily, there’s one adorable gesture that has stood the test of time: the “Apple Heart” or “Biting Heart.” Recently, a viral clip of RIIZE‘s Wonbin performing this cute love signal reignited a fierce debate about its origins. So, who actually invented this iconic pose?

The “Apple Heart” has become one of the most popular heart poses among K-Pop idols. Its charm lies in its simplicity and cuteness. The gesture starts as a round apple shape, then, with a playful mime of biting into it, transforms into a heart shape.

It’s become a go-to move for tons of K-Pop idols when they want to show some love to their fans.

The journey of the “Apple Heart” takes us back over five years to 2018.  That’s when Chuu, a former member of the popular girl group LOONA, brought this heart into the K-Pop scene. And let me tell you, it didn’t take long for it to become all the rage!

Chuu’s story behind the creation of the “Apple Heart” is as charming as the gesture itself.

| @firstapple2/Twitter

Back in 2018, Loona was just hitting the stage with their debut song “Hi High.” They were fresh on the scene and eager to make a mark.

After an extensive pre-debut project, LOONA, known in Korean as “Idalui Sonyeo” (which translates to “girl of the month” or “girl of the moon”), was ready to step into the limelight.

Chuu’s “Girl Of The Month” teaser. | Blockberry Creative

The group’s name, LOONA, is a play on the Latin word “luna” for “moon,” and their logo features a moon as well. Given this lunar connection, it’s fitting that the original concept for the “Apple Heart” was actually… a moon!

Scene in a LOONA music video. | Blockberry Creative
LOONA’s logo. | Blockberry Creative

So, at a fan signing event, Chuu decided to play around with this moon idea. She started by miming a round moon with her hands. But here’s the twist – she wanted to show her fans some extra love. So, she turned that moon into a heart with a cute little bite action.

And voilà, the “Apple Heart” was born.

Next time you see your favorite idol doing the “Apple Heart,” you’ll know the sweet story behind it, all thanks to Chuu from LOONA. It’s amazing how one simple gesture can become such a beloved part of K-Pop culture, right? Keep an eye out for more fun trends coming out of the K-Pop world!