How K-Pop Idols Become Friends And Where They Hang Out, According To Jo Yuri

Fans wanted to know and appreciated her candid response.

Soloist Jo Yuri recently made her comeback with “TAXI” on August 9th, her second official comeback following her “Loveable” promotions in October 2022.

Jo Yuri | @JOYURI_offcl/Instagram

To celebrate her promotions, Jo Yuri collaborated with popular YouTuber Jay (JAYKEEOUT) and took questions from passersby on the street, earning attention for her candid and honest responses.

During the impromptu interview, Jo Yuri was asked about the behind-the-scenes lives of K-Pop idols, as many are interested in what idols do outside of their schedules.

One of the fans hilariously asked Jo Yuri if she had ever gone to a club, and while the idol shared that she had never been, she excitedly added that she wanted to go to one.

Another fan asked where K-Pop idols hang out while adding she never sees them when she’s in public but wants to run into a celebrity.

Jo Yuri revealed that she hadn’t had time to hang out lately, but when idols do get together, they often hang out and eat at each other’s homes.

As for how K-Pop idols become friends with one another, Jo Yuri simply stated they ask for each other’s phone numbers.

Jo Yuri also addressed how she feels when she’s not recognized in public, proving her thoughtful personality with her response.

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Jo Yuri’s Response To People Not Recognizing Her In Public Shows Her True Personality

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