Fans Adore The Gummy Smiles Of Many K-Pop Idols, But Some Dentists Don’t Recommend Them

“Sometimes I watch TV and I go, ‘That needs treatment!'”

K-Pop idols always look picture-perfect when they’re on stage. Some idols even have endearing gummy smiles that steal the hearts of fans! For example, Secret‘s Hyosung is famous for her bright smile.

K-Pop dentists Park Ho San and Esther, however, don’t recommend gummy smiles.

Park Ho San (left) and Esther (right)

A netizen brought it to their attention during an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

My idol is insecure about about their gums, so they shut their mouth when they smile. Anti-fans pick on them because of it.

— Netizen comment

Park Ho San’s professional opinion is that idols should have their gums treated if they show up too much. Every time he sees someone on television with a gummy smile, he thinks to himself that they need to undergo a procedure.

Sometimes I watch TV and I go, ‘That needs treatment!‘ There are various reasons why you can see your gums a lot when you smile. But primarily, your gums are covering your teeth too much. It looks like half the teeth are inside, so if you remove the gums, you’ll see their full length.

— Park Ho San

He believes they can boast more beautiful teeth if they have their gums corrected. Conversely, if their teeth go up too high because their gums are barely visible, they can correct them by getting botox near their philtrum.

You can have beautiful teeth through gum plastic surgery. If you see your teeth too much because your gums go too high, you can receive botox near the philtrum so that it won’t go up that much.

— Park Ho San

Park Ho San concluded by saying, “At the dentist, your teeth can always be treated to some extent.”

Although he strongly discourages gummy smiles, other dentists argue that if they aren’t caused by anything serious, then having them corrected is simply an aesthetic choice.

Even if a person’s gums show up more than others when they smile, they’re still beautiful!

Aside from discussing gummy smiles, Park Ho San and Esther also listed the different dental treatments idols get. Check them out below!

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Source: YouTube and Dental Del Rio