The Most Painful Hairstyle Female K-Pop Idols Wear, According To Former CLC’s Sorn And Seungyeon

They can still remember the pain from wearing it.

Former CLC members Sorn and Seungyeon reunited to rate some of their best and worst stage outfits from their group days. In the process, they revealed which hairstyle was extremely painful for a female K-Pop idol to wear.

Seungyeon and Sorn. | @seung_monkey/Instagram

Taking a trip down memory lane by looking at their stage outfits for their debut song “Pepe”, Seungyeon remembered being put on the spot to show her stomach. There was something much worse about the outfit, though.

So I had to strengthen my stomach when I was on stage. When I got off the stage, I felt like dying. My stomach felt really bad.

— Seungyeon

Seungyeon described how painful it was to constantly wear her hair pulled on top of her head for every stage. She said, “I never once got on stage without a ponytail. I thought that my scalp was bleeding.

She then detailed why ponytails felt so terrible to wear on stage. Between the tightness and accessories, Seungyeon couldn’t handle it for long hours each time.

And they tied my hair pretty hard. And I also had to endure it for a whole day. And they used to make sure it stayed by using loads of hairpins.

— Seungyeon

Sorn confirmed that they “make sure that it’s super tight,” “spray loads of spray onto the hair,” and “stab your head with hairpins.” They couldn’t forget holding their faces as the stylists gathered their hair into a ponytail.

Sorn remembered the pain just as much as Seungyeon. She passionately said, “And imagine having to live like that for twelve hours. You try it yourself!

See Seungyeon and Sorn detail the unexpected pain of having your scalp pulled tightly for twelve hours each time just for a sleek ponytail on stage.


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