These K-Pop Idols Have High Rap Skills

“Rappers are an indispensable part of the K-Pop genre.”

Rappers are an indispensable part of the K-Pop genre. Let’s talk about some rappers that are of interest from K-Pop groups.

This list was originally curated for a Japanese audience.

1. RM (BTS)

BIGBANG‘S G-DRAGON played a major role in making rap popular in K-Pop groups. But, there is no doubt that it was globally popular group BTS who caused it to expand to even more people. In BTS, there is RM who is the leader and active in solo activities.

Before debuting in BTS, RM was famous in the underground Korean hip-hop community. His authentic rap style was polished in the underground scene. Born in 1994, and now 24 years old (26 years old in Korea), he debuted in 2013. Although he was 19 years old (21 years old in Korea), he was developing his talent as a rapper.

Additionally, he is fluent in English (self-taught, no study abroad) and the speech he made at UN headquarters impressed many people. He wrote “MC” in the “Future Hope” column of his junior high school report card. It can be said he is a man who fulfilled his dream.

2. Jooheon (MONSTA X)

MONSTA X is currently conducting a world tour, which includes the US and Europe. Jooheon and I.M. are the two who are often responsible for the rap parts of their music. Their rap styles are different, with Jooheon in particular, being good at rapping in an aggressive style with many words.

Jooheon has produced 3 mixtapes since 2015, most recently released DWTD in August of last year. This work won first place in the (Japanese) iTunes K-Pop album chart.

He recently made an appearance as a surprise rap trainer on PRODUCE X 101 (MNET) and made his ability and talent known to everyone.

I’m looking forward to the performance at Osaka Castle Hall on September 3rd and 4th.

—Kaori Simon, Real Sound

3. Zuho (SF9)

Debuted in 2016 as the first boys’ dance group by FNC Entertainment, SF9 has four rappers (Youngbin, Zuho, Hwiyoung, and Chani.) Zuho is a combination of the four of them. He focuses on rap-making, but recently, he has also begun handling songwriting and production. Also fresh in our memory is Zuho featuring on the solo of his agency senior F.T. ISLAND‘s Lee Hong Ki.

His bass-sounding vocals produce a rap that adds a different color to SF9’s pop music and shows originality like no other. Even though there are few parts, his rap presence is great.

Zuho has previously said, “I want to make a genre of music called SF9”, but their song “Life Is So Beautiful” which he participated in writing, composing, and arranging is a pop-rock tune that makes you want to sing along. It will be interesting to see how he’ll color SF9’s music in the future.

Rap is indispensable for K-Pop group music. Rap-making is the part where the rappers make their presence known in the song. Some of the lyrics they spin out can make you feel the strength of their message.

I can’t wait to see what kind of talent will come out in the future.

—Kaori Simon, Real Sound

Source: Real Sound