Here Are The Only 2 K-Pop Idols That Came From Macau

They’ve recently become close friends.

Macau is a “special administrative region of China” where Portuguese and Cantonese are its official languages, with English being common as well. Known for its casinos that earned the region the name “Vegas Of China,” it’s so unique that only two K-Pop idols have come from the region. Here are all the details on those idols and how the two have recently become close friends.

Macau | Unsplash/Simon Zhu


Making his debut in 2008, the first K-Pop idol that came from Macau was former U-KISS member Alexander, who’s also known as Xander.


Alexander was a member for U-KISS for three years until NH Media announced he would be leaving the group in 2011 “to go back to school.” In 2020, Alexander revealed that wasn’t true and shared the real reason behind his departure.

U-KISS with Park Jin Young. | @xander0729/Instagram

The company told Alexander he was “not popular” and said the group “needed more Korean members.” Although Alexander thought it was unfair, he was able to terminate his contract with NH Media and move on with his career.

Despite the unfortunate way he was removed from the group, Alexander still keeps in contact with the other former members of U-KISS and hasn’t let it stop him from being successful.

Alexander and Eli. | @xander0729/Instagram

Alexander has continued his music career, entered the acting world, hosted radio shows, and become a successful MC. From hosting JOOX‘s Idol Station, he even got to meet the only other K-Pop idol who’s from Macau.


The second K-Pop idol to come from Macau is none other than WayV‘s Hendery, who debuted in 2019.

Hendery | @WayV_official/Twitter

Not only has Hendery showed off his rap skills and talents with WayV for three years, but he’s also promoted with the other members of NCT for special units.

Mark, Haechan, Chenle, and Hendery. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

But it was with WayV that Hendery got to meet another person from Macau. When the group appeared on Idol Station, he was able to meet former idol Alexander.

Hendery and Xiaojun. | @WayV_official/Twitter

Ever since Alexander and Hendery met on the show, the two Macau natives have become close friends. They’ve been sharing all the restaurants they’ve been to together, speaking all the Cantonese they want. Fans were happy seeing the two become close, bonding over Macau and their experiences as K-Pop idols.

Been a while [since] I had dim sum! And been a while [since] I spoke so much Cantonese.

Why? Cuz I have a new ‘Macau friend!’

— Alexander

| @xander0729/Instagram
Source: Britannica