K-Pop Idols Wear 5 Layers Of Face Makeup—Here’s Why It Isn’t A Disaster, According To Professionals

They demonstrated it themselves!

Whenever K-Pop idols appear on camera, they always look effortlessly pretty and handsome. And while it’s true that most of it is thanks to their gorgeous visuals, their makeup is another contributing factor!

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Interestingly, Korean celebrities have been said to wear a whopping five layers of foundation. When professional makeup artists Kim Ye Ji and Park Jeong An were asked if it looks “like a disaster when you actually see it,” they gave their own two cents.

Kim Ye Ji (left) and Park Jeong An (right) | @AYO/YouTube

The two women were invited by YouTube channel AYO to share their professional insights and answer common questions from netizens. They have worked with K-Pop groups like Pentagon and Apink and have years of experience under their belt, so they know what they’re talking about!


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When on the topic of five-layer makeup, they revealed that it may sound thick and heavy, but it actually looks flawless in person. However, there’s a secret to it. Park Jeong An explained that they apply one thin layer of foundation at a time, making sure that it’s never caked on.

People can be surprised when we say five layers, but it consists of filling in the inner skin thinly. That’s why the makeup doesn’t get erased easily.

— Park Jeong An

Kim Ye Ji agreed and added, “Instead of applying a lot at once, if you layer it thinly, it really looks like my skin but with good coverage.”

Taking out their own makeup kit, they demonstrated how they apply each layer on the skin. They pour some foundation on the back of their hand and scoop a tiny amount on a spatula.

Afterwards, they spread a thin layer on their skin and use a sponge to blend it out. Once it’s well-blended, they go in with another layer until they’re satisfied.

With a technique like this, it’s no wonder K-Pop idols always have such flawless skin!

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