The K-Pop Lightstick That Got Confiscated At An Airport For Looking Like A Real Weapon

That fan wasn’t the only one who ran into that same problem πŸ˜…

While ARMYs cracked jokes about people mistaking BTS‘s lightstick for a weapon because it’s called an ARMY Bomb, a K-Pop fan ran into that particular issue with a different group’s lightstick.

BTS’s Jungkook holding an ARMY Bomb.

Though Cherry Bullet‘s red lightstick is ranked as one of the best designs in K-Pop, its gun shape is not so great for airport trips, which a Lullet learned the hard way.

Cherry Bullet holding their lightstick. | Cherry Bullet/YouTube

TikTok user @aar_n98 uploaded a clip of the mishap with airport security. When their belongings were going through the required search, the employees found the lightstick and immediately confiscated it simply because it resembled a gun. The fan was understandably upset.

While the comments suggested they should’ve explained it wasn’t real, they confirmed that they’d already tried. They even mourned the loss of the expensive lightstick but found that they weren’t the only one who’d experienced that same situation. Some BLACKPINK fans shared their experiences of airports throwing away their lightsticks because they looked like hammers.

No way I spent fifteen mins explaining what a lightstick is to the TSA.

— Fan

A Lullet even gathered moments when other fans were stopped at airports because the Cherry Bullet lightstick was mistaken for a real gun. It’s understandable why airport security would be so worried, though.

3D-printed guns (ghost guns) come in various colors, are untraceable, and can be made by anyone. As a measure of security, airports would rather be safe than sorry.

Ghost guns. | Keegan Hamilton/VICE NEWS

See the fan sharing their story about the confiscated lightstick here.


no way i spent 15 mins explaining what a lightstick is to the tsa 😭😭😭 #kpop #lightstick #kpopfyp #cherrybullet

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