Here’s What This Male Idol Would’ve Looked Like On The Court, Had He Chosen Basketball Over K-Pop

And he would have had our hearts as a bball superstar.

Former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin is loves basketball, so much that even the professional basketball player Stephen Curry knows about his passion for balling, and he can often be spotted sporting basketball uniforms.


And he looks so good in these uniforms that his fans are falling in love with this imaginary, alternate universe version of Lai Kuanlin, as a basketball superstar!


Lai Kuanlin’s love for balling goes way back, since he was a young boy. He has been an avid basketball player for over 6 years, 3 of which he actually played on a team.



He used to be a small forward (SF), which is a position in basketball mainly responsible for scoring points. With his slender figure, Lai Kuanlin tends to move quickly on his feet – making him a perfect SF on the court!


Lai Kuanlin has never shied away from the chances he had to showcase his amazing basketball skills on camera, for past music videos…


… and on TV shows too!


Fans love Lai Kuanlin’s athleticism and moreover his super cute bball-attire. His sporty baller-look is definitely one of fan favorites, as it brings out his young and energetic vibe.


One thing is clear: Whether on stage as a K-Pop star or on the court as an amateur basketball player, Lai Kuanlin looks good doing what he does!

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