Unsettling K-Pop Merch Allows Fans To “Wear” The Face Of Their Bias

Guess which group is selling this.

There’s unique K-Pop merchandise, and then there are the ones that cross into the freaky territory. This is exactly what happened when iKON released their latest set of fan goods.

The six-member group sold an entertaining set of merch which included aprons with the members’ backs facing the viewer…

…and eye masks with the upper half of their faces printed on them.

It was so realistic, it looked like a continuation of their faces when placed over ones eyes.

JUNE wearing a BOBBY sleeping mask while the latter looks up at him

Similar to this, the star of the show was the sheet masks that were made to emulate iKON’s faces. Their facial features were imprinted with great detail on the masks.

Instead of the usual white color that sheet masks come in, this one was the same skin tone as the members. The eyebrows, too, were so hyperrealist that there were stray hairs drawn around them.


The overall effect was both amusing and unsettling to netizens, especially when the eye slots were pulled down to reveal the wearer’s actual eyes under them or when they lay down with it.

Regardless, fans still found it fun. The Chinese netizen who tried on maknae Chanwoo‘s version even commented that wearing the mask made her feel strangely closer to the idol: “It feels like you can kiss him.”

Source: Today Online