K-Pop’s Oldest Male Idol Is 53 Years Old And Still Living His Best Life

Age isn’t stopping him from being an idol and enjoying his life.

Fans have noticed that K-Pop idols’ ages keep getting younger, like NewJeans‘ Hyein debuting at fourteen.

Hyein | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

There have also been debates about trainees like SMROOKIESShohei, who faced hate comments for being “too old” for being in his late twenties. One veteran male idol proved that wrong.

Shohei | @smrookies/Instagram

Since debuting in 1999, the legendary boy group god (formerly known as g.o.d) is still going strong in 2023. And their oldest member—who debuted at thirty—is still living his best life.

God teasing the youngest member Kim Tae Woo. | @official_god0113/Instagram

At fifty-three years old, the group’s leader and oldest member is Joon Park. Despite being older than the average idol, he can still tear up the stage. And he doesn’t let idol life stop him from living his life, either.

The idol married his beautiful wife in 2015, giving fans glimpses of their romance on Instagram.

Joon Park and his wife. | @godjp/Instagram

The couple also has an adorable daughter, who Joon Park showers with love and affection. He has even more on his plate than just being a group leader, loving father, and caring husband.

Joon Park spent four years working on his popular YouTube channel Wassup Man, which had famous guests like IU, TXT, and Kim Yuna.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Joon Park has hosted multiple TV shows like Rustically: In Secret Island and Gear Gods.

While idols’ ages have become a hot topic, Joon Park isn’t phased by it at all. The veteran idol is aging gracefully and takes pride in being the oldest male K-Pop idol around.

In fact, the god members want to keep being idols until the end of their days.

| @godjp/Instagram
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