Here’s Proof That SEVENTEEN Has Some Of The Most Satisfying Formations In K-Pop

They’re in another league when it comes to choreography.

Any SEVENTEEN fan can tell you that the group is incredible in all respects, especially when it comes to choreography. They’re known as the most-synced K-Pop boy group for a reason, and it’s one they definitely deserve!

With 13 members in the group, it makes their synchronization even more impressive. Add that to the fact that they’re self-produced, even when it comes to dancing, and SEVENTEEN really is an incredibly talented group.

In fact, they’re so synced up that they do things at the same time when they’re not performing!

Their formations and transitions, in particular, are incredible. When they create their dances, they come up with some really interesting and unique ways to have the members move and interact, whether all of them are on stage or only a couple are.

Recently, a video was posted on TikTok that shows just how satisfying and complex SEVENTEEN’s formations and transitions are by giving an eagle-eye view in real time while the group performs “HOT”.


🔥HOT🔥 #seventeen #새븐틴 #hot #daisybeat #フォーメーション


As you can see, there’s nothing boring or easy about the group’s choreography and how they move on stage!

Here are how some fans are reacting to the impressive video on social media.

There are many things to love about SEVENTEEN, and this gives fans just another reason to praise them!