These 6 Idols Have Shockingly Low Alcohol Tolerance

V and Zico prefer soda to alcohol.

When it comes to alcohol, there are those who can keep drinking without being fazed and those who are gone after just once glass. Unfortunately, those who can’t handle alcohol often ruin the mood of gatherings by shutting down way too soon.

Here are 6 idols who look like they can drink on the outside, but are actually lightweights who are often gone after just one drink:

1. IU

Because IU was a model for the soju brand, Chamisulyou may have assumed she was a good drinker. But she once revealed that her tolerance really depends on her condition.

On one reality TV show, IU confessed that she likes soju mixed with beer, but that she can’t drink very much of it. She also added that she’s usually drunk after 3 glasses.

2. BTS’s V

V is actually famous for not enjoying alcoholic gatherings whatsoever. Even when he celebrates with his fellow BTS members, he’s usually seen with carbonated drinks instead.

In contrast to his lively and social appearance, he actually doesn’t drink any alcohol, which adds to his unexpected charm.

3. Hong Jin Young

In one interview, Hong Jin Young revealed that people assume she’s a good drinker, but that she’s actually a lightweight. She even added that her heart starts pounding after just one drink.

On the reality TV show, Life Bar, she proved her previous claims by turning bright red all over after drinking one glass of beer.

4. Zico

Zico once confessed that he had never drank alcohol before on a reality TV show and shocked everyone. He added that people also think he loves clubbing, but that he doesn’t really go to clubs.

In reality, Zico prefers carbonated drinks to alcohol and saunas to clubs.

5. SNSD’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon once received a lot of attention for her confession that despite her low alcohol tolerance, she loves to drink, which is why she’s famous for being a lightweight.

She even made her fans laugh by posting a photo in front of a garbage sign with the caption, “A girl with a garbage tolerance in front of a garbage sign.

6. Jun Hyun Moo

On an episode of Wednesday Food Talk, Jun Hyun Moo said, “A lot of nice scented beers are coming out these days. I once couldn’t stop drinking them and then passed out.”

Jun Hyun Moo revealed that he’s weak to beer and can only handle 2 glasses of soju, meaning he has quite the low tolerance as well.

Source: Insight
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