K-Pop Stylist Reveals BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé Are Responsible For Some Of The Most Iconic “How You Like That” Looks

Their creativity created some of the most beautiful looks!

K-Pop is known for its extravagant and eye-catching fashion looks both on and off stage and in music videos. Fans are usually able to identify name-brand designer pieces that appear but are often less likely to know the stylist behind a majority of an artist’s looks.

In an exclusive interview with the head director of the Circle Chart (previously Gaon Chart), Choi Kwang Ho, K-Pop stylist and idol look savior Balko (real name Kim Tae Young) spoke about her experiences designing for a variety of idols, including Big 4 company artists. Balko has her own process of creating and working with artists to develop a complete look and aesthetic no matter the project.

When informed that BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” was ranked one of her most iconic works, Balko stated that it was teamwork between the members of the group and her that helped bring the music video’s fashion to life. While she has previously explained how the group’s hanbok look was a collaboration, she further explained how members Jennie and Rosé contributed directly to some of the most stunning looks.

The artists pulled off 80% and I only pitched in 20%

— Balko

Jennie’s body chain outfit was gorgeous and showed off her amazing body, but the outfit actually didn’t exist during her first fitting. While trying on outfits, Jennie asked if it was possible to have the chain outfit made for her individual shots, and Balko had the outfit made by the next day!

While filming her solo shots, Jennie commented that it would look nice to have something to elevate her look even further. When she asked Balko if it was possible to create something that could go under her eye, and to Jennie’s surprise, Balko did it right on the spot with no problems!

The scene where Rosé is laying amongst flowers is one of the most visually appealing moments of the music video and the body armor she was wearing contrasts nicely. The armor, however, was not made before the MV filming!

Rosé said that she wanted an armor design but was unsure if it was possible as producer Teddy stated that something like that would take a month to produce.  Balko worked on the design that evening and was able to bring it to the video filming the next day!

Because of Balko’s willingness to work with the ideas that Jennie and Rosé presented, “How You Like That” became one of the most appealing and visually stimulating K-Pop music videos to date!

Take a look back at all of the stunning pieces in their music video below: